About the Author


Hi there I am Natasha!

Wife, mother, Health Scientist and entrepreneur working to balance life.

Chasing after a toddler and running 3 start-up companies.

How do I find the energy to even run a household?

I live in Atlanta suburba with my life partner Brian who is also known as “BAE”

Strong passion in changing the world by creating an innovative idea/product that can make life easier, healthier, and less toxic for all families.

Forbes 40 under 40 here I come!

We parent a full of energy boy Carson 8 years old, Blake  6 years old, and Bella 1 year old.  Both boys share the exact same birthday. I promise it wasn’t planned!

Who run the world?! Busy Bee Women with heart and hustle

About the Blog

This blog is a spot where I will share life experiences, busy woman tips, and even my passion of making natural products. This blog will provide a spot to be that overthinking woman & get great tips/solutions to solve everyday problems. I will also release recipes, videos, and other handy tools to keep life sweet.