Making the big Decision to go from global working mom to Stay-at-home-mom

Hey there!

This week has been a busy week of thinking and trying to plan for a big move. But guess what, this is the one time, I just said forget the plan, I am going for it! Time for me to step out on faith and watch my little one grow and focus on this beautiful pregnancy. Now don’t get me wrong, I had some racing thoughts like affording to be home, can I really take being with my toddler all day, everyday, and was I really ready to let go of my scientific career for a moment.

These things became easy having a super supportive husband that was down no matter my decision. In my post you will still see the busy-ness of life with trying to stay afloat with my start up companies, balancing marriage, family, and self. I am looking forward to sharing and helping other families find that balance. We all have our own flow but it is a beautiful thing to not have to recreate the wheel so lets share ideas!

Busy bees reply with a little encouragement for other moms to see and any cool ideas for making transitions in life.

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