My Labor & Delivery Story

Hello World!

Seem like I went completely MIA but truly I was so ready to pop & it finally happened. My little precious boy ARRIVED like 4 months ago! LOL SORRY FOR THE DELAY. I’m currently typing and breastfeeding, it is an art to this (Boppy pillow). On September 13, 2016 Blake Alexander entered the world at 8 lbs 8 oz. Blake due date was set for September 21st but instead of waiting for his own day, he decided to come on his brothers’ birthday. 2 years ago on the exact same day, September 13th my first born son Carson entered the world. So what are the chances of that?????? The chances of having 2 siblings born in a different year on the same exact day is .27%… Guess we are lucky but why haven’t we hit the lottery yet?

Labor & Delivery

My friends and I always like discussing these stories because each labor/delivery is totally different. Here’s my story: I started going into labor on September 12th around 10am. Went into my OB office to figure out if this was the real thing and was told my contractions were 7-8 minutes apart and dilated at 3 cm. Not enough for hospital admission but my doctor still sent me to the hospital for further monitoring. Once I arrived the staff told me, “if you are not crying, it is not time for action”. Of course at this point I am like lady just keep me here, I am ready to have this baby. So little to my request they released me so hubby and I went to get food. Some good ole Thai food & headed home. As soon as I finished my food the contraction went in overload. At this point I turned to my hubby and said we must GO GO GO! In my mind I was all for natural but once we finally made it to the hospital I was 7 cm.., WHAT?? All I heard was the nurse saying “we don’t know if we can give you an epidural”. My heart sunk at the same time my water broke… I NEED IT.. I repeatedly said. I love to do everything natural but birth…I tried. All I saw was the time going by and contraction hitting in harder & stronger. But then I heard a knock at the door… It was the Anesthesiologist! This labor and delivery process was pretty beautiful after my epidural. I pushed 3 good times and out came baby! I had a chance to have delayed cord clamping while skin bonding with the baby. Such a great experience. Then the doctor asked, “will daddy be clipping the cord?”, My eyes became big because my husband scare me with scissors, plus he just dropped my numb legs, like I had control. My doctor found me to be funny the whole time. Ultimately hubby dreams came true, he was able to cut the cord. I breastfeed instantly which was blissful.



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