To Nap or Not to Nap

Hey there!

I am a day short of being a week into staying home with Carson. I have had some great joys and also moments of exhaustion. Carson is adjusting well to being home and I have been striving to keep him busy. The challenges thus far have been this oh so hot summer and being a little slower theses days since I am in my third trimester. I ask Carson each day if he misses his teachers and he responds “Yes” but does not really look forward to going back to school… LOL. One big transition has been figuring out nap time. Carson puts up a fight to avoid naps. So I have decided to play sleep (but usually fall asleep for real) so that I can get him to sleep on his own individual pallet of covers.

I have noticed life at home can be as busy or busier than going into work. Of course each has its benefits but so far I am not missing fighting Atlanta traffic to get into the office. It feels good to finally be able to breath & drive swiftly. As I shared in my last post, I want to show you all the curriculum I made for Carson. It is a way I find myself to stay organize and on target. Hope you find it helpful. Below you will find on top the Montessori schedule I am using and below that in my awful hand writing, the daily schedule. With the daily schedule I did not include all the snack times we have specifically in the morning and diaper changes. By the way, one of the biggest surprises I realized while being home is my child POOPS ALOT! Ahhhh!!! Never knew since he was in school most of the day. But luckily we are working on potty training, which in another post you will hear all about those horrors & joys. Another thing you can find in the picture below is a  family meal planning calendar. All of these have been very helpful in so many ways. The teaching schedule has been great because I can prep in advance the activities for the day. Also with the family meal planning, I have saved so much money planning ahead. My husband actually think I can cook now since I have an awesome plan. Before, with rushing to work and home, I was a HORRIBLE cook.


mont schedule


Hope you can see the image well. If not, let me know. The daily schedule is the first rough draft. Also on the refrig you can find a letter Carson wrote to mommy & daddy, well since he can’t write yet we helped.  It is nice to have a letter on hand, just ask your little one to show you in kisses or words so you can put it in the letter. At those times of frustration, open the letter and will automatically cheer you up. Look out for my next posts as I keep you all update on the specific activities & show picture examples of Carson’s learning experience.

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