Tips for Cleaning the House the Natural Way

Hello Everyone!

Having a toddler that likes to lick everything (bath tubs, walls, toys, etc), made me quickly want to find a way to get rid of many toxins in my household. As I talked about the floor cleaning solution in my previous post, I am following up with the recipe. I use this solution to clean most of my common areas, for example, countertops, bathtubs, showers, floors, and even Carson toys. Yes it is that safe!

In this solution I have part vinegar, part lime, lemon, and orange peels, and part water.

Supplies you will need:

1) An empty gallon container (like a kool-aid type container, just make sure people don’t think it is really kool-aid) LOL.

2) Lemon, lime, and/or orange peels. Use 5 peels in any combination. I just collect mine over time when I am making homemade lemonade, or eating a good orange for some vitamin C.

3) Bottle of vinegar. You will only need as much vinegar as the amount of solution you want to make. I started off with about 5 cups of vinegar just because I wanted to first try it out so I suggest starting small.

4) Spray Bottle. I bought mine from Walmart for about $2.00 since it had a spout I could lock shut but you can also get a spray bottle from the dollar tree.

5) 5 cups of water for diluting the solution.


1) Add citric fruit peels to gallon container

2) Add 5 cups of vinegar

3) Let solution sit for at least 2 days

4) combine 5 cups of water to the peels and vinegar mixture

5) Place solution in your favorite spray bottle

Let me first start to say my husband hates the smell of this solution but to make it smell awesome is using your favorite essential oil. I like to put 3 drops of lavender in mine. But this is not something I do often because I honestly don’t mind the smell of vinegar. That’s the country girl in me.

For cleaning Hardwood Floors:

Do steps 1-4

Add solution to mop bucket

Then add olive oil to the solution for a nice natural shine

Comment and let me know what you think!

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