Natural Ways to Freshen your HOME

Oh how I love the smell of a fresh home! Before discovering natural alternatives I was a fool for carpet freshener, Airwick plug ins, and fabric spray. However, once I did my research I discovered all the nasty chemicals being released in my home as I used these products. I always wished I could burn candles all day; however, if they are not soy candles my eyes would burn and to my surprise, candles release many chemicals, such as, benzene and toluene. These chemicals can cause allergies, brain, and lung difficulties.

I went on a search for natural alternatives and through experimenting I found what works.

If you like a clean house with a great smell here are 3 natural alternatives that are safer for yourself and the kids environment. I still try to keep these items out of the kids reach. I seem to hide everything…LOL

  1. AIR PURIFYING PLANTS Aglaonema Emerald Beauty

Plants are not just for looks. Plants are known to clean the air, lower risk for illness, boost mood, and enhance concentration/ memory. After hearing all these benefits, I think I needed a plant in my dorm room back in my college days.. LOL Chinese Evergreen is a great plant with these benefits. Here’s a link to Home Depot:

2. PILLOW FULL OF SCENT cotton_balls

We all know a peaceful sleep is always the best. One way I like to scent my pillow cases after they are washed is by adding lavender cotton balls. All you will do is take about 5 cotton balls and spread 5 drops of lavender essential oil on the balls. You can choose any scent you like but my favorite is lavender. Once the balls smell like lavender then slip them into your pillow case. This will give your pillows a calming and fresh scent. Your guest will love it!

3. HOME DIFFUSER Young-Living-Essential-Oil-Home-Diffuser

Home diffuser takes away my need for candles. Smells so good and refresh. I currently just have one upstairs but looking to have at least one downstairs. Let me tell you the benefits:

  1. It kills pathogenic micro-organisms of all kinds
  2. It relieves tension, impact the mood, clear mind and relax the body
  3. This help to relieve headache
  4. It reduces odor, fungus and bacteria
  5. Can be used in the room of sick person
  6. It improves function of digestive system
  7. Controls and improve hormonal balance

There are many other alternatives I use and will be sharing!


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